Obama: ‘We’re not going to allow the NRA to get away with that’

President Barack Obama on Sunday criticized a group of gun rights groups that he said were trying to use his administration to push their gun control agenda.

Obama told reporters that he is concerned that some of the groups “are using the position of our presidency to advance their agenda, and not because we want them to.

They’re using it because they want to,” Obama said.

“And if they don’t get it, they should be embarrassed and embarrassed and they should have to explain why they’re doing it.”

“They are not going away.

They are not stepping away from their principles and the way they have stood up against these people and these kinds of people, I think is wrong,” Obama added.

“But what they are doing is, they’re trying to do the bidding of the NRA.

And the way to defeat them is to stand up to them, to have some sense of decency and common decency, and to say, ‘I can’t stand by while this happens.’

And if you do that, you will see that there’s no place for that kind of politics.”

The president said he has not spoken with the NRA since his inauguration in January, but that he “certainly would not be surprised if they come out and try to pressure” him to change his position on gun control.

“They’re going to try to use the position and position of the presidency to try and advance their cause.

And if they do that they will have a much harder time succeeding,” Obama told reporters on Air Force One.”

And so I am not going off and saying, ‘We don’t care what they think of us.’

I am going to stand strong, I am gonna stand strong against them.”

Obama added that he did not think the NRA was “a legitimate source of information” and that it “is a very dangerous group.”

“The NRA is a political entity, and the NRA is an organization that has had a tremendous amount of influence on how we get to where we are today.

And I don’t think they are legitimate sources of information,” he said.

Obama said he did support gun control measures during his time in office.

He also said that he has taken steps to rein in the NRA’s influence.

“You know, we’ve taken a lot of steps to curb their influence,” he added.

Obama, who has repeatedly criticized the NRA, said that the group has become more “aggressive” and has “a very distorted view of what the public’s going to think.”

“We have taken a couple of steps, in the last couple of years, to limit their influence, but I think they’re still out there and they’ll continue to be a powerful force,” he explained.

Obama also defended the Obama administration’s record on gun laws, which he said “has been the least restrictive since I’ve been president.”

“It’s been the most effective, it’s the most transparent, it has been the safest since I’m president,” Obama continued.

“The reason we’ve been able to do that is we’ve made sure that we’re following through on every effort to reduce gun violence.”

Obama said that his administration “made progress” on some of his key gun control initiatives during his tenure.

“We’ve done a lot more, and we’ve worked with the Congress on a lot less gun violence, and that has been a big part of the reason we have made progress on so many issues,” he concluded.

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