How to protect yourself from online scams and scams-in-your-pocket

There are a few things you can do to stay safe online, including making sure your email addresses are correct and not shared. 

But even with those precautions, there are ways to get scammed online. 

“You can’t stop all scammers, but you can protect yourself,” says Ryan O’Reilly, co-founder and chief security officer at SecureWorks and a partner in The Secure Fund.

“Just be aware of who’s involved and how they’re communicating.”

What are scammers looking for?

“It’s not that scammers are trying to get your information or get your personal information,” O’Brien says.

“It’s that they’re trying to steal your information.”

The scammer will ask you to provide the name of a person they’re looking to scam, which they can then send your bank card number, Social Security number and other personal information. 

You can also choose to give the scammer your credit card number and verify that it’s accurate. 

The scam also asks for the name and email address of the person you’re going to contact.

“If you give the wrong information, they can use that to contact you,” O-Reilly says. 

Once you’ve given them your personal info, the scammers will try to send a text message or email to your mobile phone. 

They’ll also try to make calls, or try to get you to send money via an international bank transfer. 

If you don’t provide enough personal information, the scamster will make a fake email address to contact and then contact you with an automated message, which can contain malware or viruses.

“These scammers may be using a number of tools to trick you into giving them your information,” says Seth Rich, a researcher at The Center for Strategic and International Studies. 

When you don-t provide enough information, “they can go to a number that has your information and start trying to trick other people into providing the information.”

How to protect against scam attempts? 

“The best way to be protected is to be aware,” O’dReilly says, “and to use your most sensitive data to make sure you don”t share it with the scammer.

“He says that when you know what you”re getting into, it”ll be much easier to avoid scammers.”

It”ll give you more time to protect your information, and it”s more difficult for the scambots to get away with it,” O”Reilly says

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