What to watch in the next four years as we take on the Internet of Things

The first part of the year is already here.

The second is set to be much more crowded.

It includes everything from big tech companies trying to break into the home appliance market, to small and mid-size businesses who are looking to expand into the space.

There are new opportunities to explore as well.

And as we move into the next decade, we need to understand what the market will look like in 2028.

In this year’s inaugural edition of the Green Light Networks blog series, we are exploring the emerging home appliance markets in the U.S., China, India, South Korea and elsewhere.

We are also taking a look at the emerging IoT markets, including those that are powered by wireless, wireless mesh and IoT.

We’ll also look at how the Internet is changing how we work, what we’re buying, and what our home is doing with the data it’s collected.

The big stories to watchIn the next few months, we will see a lot more announcements in the IoT space, and we will also see an uptick in the popularity of smart homes and automation.

And that will likely mean a greater use of smart home automation products that are connected to the Internet and can interact with the smart home in a meaningful way.

It will also mean a more active use of home automation platforms.

For example, many home automation and automation solutions are available on the App Store or on Amazon, so if your home is connected to a smart home device, it will be possible to automate the lights and thermostats, the air conditioner and the heating and cooling systems.

This will mean a lot less of your home has to be wired, as your smart home devices are often powered by the Internet, and so you can automate much more of your life.

We expect to see an even greater amount of home appliance and home automation automation products in the future.

This is also a time of great innovation.

We can expect to hear more from both Apple and Google in the coming year, and that means even more smart home products and services.

In the coming years, we may see more home automation devices, devices that use WiFi to send notifications to other devices, and devices that can receive and process data from smart home systems.

And of course, there are some smart home solutions that can be built for the Internet.

We will also continue to see a shift in the way we use the Internet to access content.

We have a huge amount of new devices and apps coming online that will change how we use our Internet, whether it’s on a PC, tablet, smartphone or connected TV.

This year, we also have a lot of innovation in the area of wearable technology.

As more people wear smartwatches and smart glasses, they will continue to change how our lives are lived.

This year, the wearable tech market is expected to be worth $60 billion, according to Strategy Analytics, and the potential market for wearable technology is huge.

But wearable devices are also a new technology.

They require a lot to be built.

So it is critical that we look beyond the wearable devices and smartwars that we’ve seen in the past to understand the new opportunities for how we interact with our wearable devices, such as smart home controls, home automation, security sensors and more.

There is a lot we are still learning about how smart home technology works and how it connects to the Web.

There is still a lot that needs to be done before we can begin to understand how it can work with a connected home, how it interacts with smart home sensors and smart home appliances, and how we can create smart home experiences.

But the opportunities are vast, and there are new ways that smart home technologies can be integrated with existing devices.

For the first time, smart home manufacturers are being able to build connected smart home units.

But we still have a long way to go before we see this type of integration happen, especially when it comes to building connected devices that will work with multiple devices, or devices that don’t require any special interaction.

There will also be opportunities for smart home developers to create devices that are built for IoT, including smart thermostat and air conditioners.

These devices will be the first devices to be able to control smart home control devices, including lighting, temperature and more, and they will be able use data from sensors to determine when to turn on a heating or cooling system and when to dim a light.

We are also going to see more connected home devices that integrate with home automation.

For example, smart lights will become connected devices, enabling users to connect them to other smart home items, like lights, fans and even thermostatic controllers.

This type of connected home device could allow users to control other connected devices through smart home hubs, as well as the smart thermoregulation and smart air conditioning devices.

We will also likely see a new type of smart doorbell, or doorbell smart home system.

We’re seeing smart home home systems

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