Food Network chef says network down after #GamerGate

The Food Network has been down for at least five hours after a backlash over a tweet by one of its co-hosts.

The network tweeted Thursday that the network was “working with the law firm” on a potential lawsuit.

In the tweet, the network’s co-creator and host of “The Taste,” John Oliver, wrote that “it would be very nice to be on the chopping block again, but the truth is we are in the midst of a revolution.

You may have heard that term before, but that is what is happening to the culture at large.”

The tweet was posted by the show’s co, Nick Land, and included a photo of himself holding up a sign that read “GamerGate: I am the problem.”

The hashtag “#GamerGate is the problem,” which Land used as his own hashtag on Twitter, gained traction as an online hashtag for gamers upset over a video game critic’s comments about women in video games.

In a statement, the show said that it had been unable to reach out to Land.

“It is unfortunate that our tweet about the hashtag #Gamergate has caused a political environment in which the public and the press are focused on personal attacks and false allegations,” the statement read.

“Our tweet was meant to be about positive change in the gaming community.

As a result, our tweet has caused an unnecessary and divisive media environment.”

A statement from the network read that Land has since apologized.

“Nick has acknowledged that his use of the hashtag in his tweet was an error, and apologized to the #GamerGaters for any offence he may have caused,” the network said.

“We are taking steps to make sure our public platforms are more transparent and to ensure that our platforms are protected from further political attacks.”

In a tweet that morning, Land wrote: “The truth is that we are a diverse, progressive, progressive family and the more diverse, the more progressive we are.

The truth is, there are many of us on the ##GamerGate family.

We are ###GamerGates.




The backlash over the tweet led the network to temporarily suspend its feeds.

A spokeswoman for the network told the Los Angeles Times that the networks network was also working on a response to the hashtag.

“The network is reviewing the situation and will provide more information once we have more information,” the spokeswoman said in an email.

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