‘Bhasha’ is not the only AI to be tested on humans: AI startup announces test of neural network on humans

The AI startup QVC announced a trial of a neural network, an artificial neural network (ANN), on human subjects.

QVC CEO and founder Rahul Pandya, in an interview to The Hindu, said that the AI is not an “automated version of an AI.”

Pandya said that while the company is developing the network, it has already trained a few AI agents to play chess, and other tasks, for instance.

He also said that a few people have applied for the trial and the test will be carried out in three weeks.

“The trial is in three months.

There are a few of people who have applied,” he said.

Qvc’s CEO Rahul Pandyan speaks at a press conference at the Google Campus in Mountain View, California, February 25, 2021.

The AI has been developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Cambridge, among others.

QCV, which was acquired by Amazon in 2019, is the first AI startup to have developed an artificial intelligence system for humans.

The company’s founder, Rahul Pandy, told The Hindu that the network is not a substitute for an artificial brain, but rather is a complement.

“It is not just for chess but for other things, for everything,” he told The News Minute.

“So, it’s not a replacement for an AI.

It’s a complement to AI.”

QVC’s AI is being tested in a few hundred humans, and the company has also asked for feedback on the system.

It has also built an AI agent that will work in concert with QVC to perform tasks like grocery shopping.

QTV, which is owned by QVC, was created in 2016 and uses a neural net to build its software.

Qtv is now the world’s second largest AI company after Google.

“What we are doing here is a test of an artificial machine that we have developed.

It is not to replace humans, it is a machine that can do other things,” Pandya told The Hindustan Times.

QCV was formed in 2019 with an AI team of 12 people.

The first batch of human testers were trained by the AI researchers at MIT and Cambridge.

QcV has trained more than 1,500 AI agents, and QVC has already started the testing process.

Qcv said that it is still in the “design and engineering phase.”

“It has been built in a couple of months,” Pandy said.

“There is a lot of work and testing to do.

We have trained about 400 AI agents.”

QCV said it will have a human-friendly interface.

“We are in talks with some developers and other companies,” he added.

“Once we have a working product, we will launch it on a global basis.”

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